Parents rent dual-control cars to teach kids to drive

Parents wishing to teach their teenagers to drive are now able to rent dual-control cars, it has been revealed.

The company behind the idea, Drive 1 Team, said it is a good option for parents who want to cut out the risk of damaging their car – a factor which often affects their decision when they come to compare car insurance.

Speaking to the Hastings Leader, parent Rochelle Spivak said she and her husband had used the cars to teach their teenagers Laura, 16, and Daniel, 18.

"If they get in a sticky situation or something happens, we take over," she noted.

Meanwhile, Daniel said he felt much more comfortable in a dual-control car, adding: "Before, if I made one mistake that would be it."

However, the RACV’s Brian Negus has criticised the use of the vehicles by anyone but qualified instructors, suggesting that driving students could become confused by parents pressing the pedals and trying to correct them.

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