Police call for regular checks on older cars

Police and motoring bodies have called for regular maintenance checks on older cars after figures showed that a huge proportion of vehicles involved in fatal crashes on Australian roads this year were more than a decade old.

Traffic Support officer Superintendent Linda Fellows has warned that inexperienced, young drivers are over-represented in the old, low-price car market because they often cannot afford late-model cars with advanced safety features.

Speaking to the Advertiser (Adelaide), she argued that many of the most vulnerable drivers are risking their lives in cheaper cars that may be inadequately maintained because of a lack of money and are often "vulnerable to wear and tear issues such as faulty seatbelts and bald tyres".

Supt Fellows said that referring to high maintenance costs on cars was "not a defendable excuse", adding: "What's the value of a life compared with making sure your car is properly maintained?"

Motorists aiming to adequately protect their vehicles and meet costs can choose to compare car insurance and switch provider. Supt Fellows was commenting after figures showed that since January 1st this year, 86 fatal crashes have claimed 97 lives in South Australia – including 49 aged 29 or younger.

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