Reduce car insurance premiums by selecting the right vehicle

Selecting the right vehicle is the first step when looking for low car insurance quotes, because a number of features of the automobile itself are taken into consideration by insurance providers.

Security is something all Aussies should consider, because any extra security measures to deter thieves could reduce the perceived risk of insuring the machine.

For example, getting professionals to fit a high quality alarm system, immobilisers and steering locks could significantly cut premiums.

However, it is advisable to avoid vehicles that have undergone other modifications, as these may result in insurance companies pushing quotes up.

Smaller engines are also advisable for those looking to keep costs to a minimum, as are cars that have a plentiful and cheap supply of spare parts, because the price of repairing them – and so the potential payout by the insurance firm – will be lower.

Recent comments made to the Sydney Morning Herald by the chief executive of the Motor Traders' Association of New South Wales James McCall suggested that Aussies are already taking vehicle selection seriously as he asserted that people are "much more discerning" about what they want in an automobile.

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