Reduce your mileage to cut down on car insurance payments

One way to bring down the cost of car insurance is to be more discerning about the uses that a vehicle is put to and to cut down on the amount of miles done each year.

Those who are on the road more often may find they are liable to receive higher quotes because they are perceived by insurers as more likely to be involved in an accident.

Aussies who live near to their workplace may benefit from walking or cycling instead of taking the car because this will not only cut down on the amount of driving they do but could also mean they can say their automobile is only used for social purposes rather than for business.

Another benefit of keeping the mileage of the car low is that it may put less stress on the vehicle, which may mean it is less likely to need regular repairs.

Individuals that plan to keep their car at home while they are at work may also want to think about where they park it, because putting in a garage or driveway might also encourage insurance firms to offer lower quotes.

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