Save on premiums by driving safely with UbiCar Insurance

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Feel like you’re paying too much on car insurance premiums? Also consider yourself a safe driver? Well, say hello to UbiCar Insurance. 

This 100% Australian insurer is changing the car insurance game, by offering its customers cheaper monthly premiums when they drive safely.  

The way it works is, drivers install an UbiCar tracker tag in their car from which data is collected using telematics technology and linked to the UbiCar app. UbiCar then uses this data to determine premiums, basked on your risk factor as a driver.  

On the app, customers can track their driving habits, check their safety score, be updated on the cost of a monthly premium, get tips on what areas need a little improvement and even make claims. 

Basically, when you take out a policy with UbiCar Insurance, the safer you drive the less you pay on premiums.  

How are UbiCar premiums worked out? 

Everytime you drive, UbiCar tracks your driving behaviour through the tag installed in  your car and converts it into a driving score. 

Your driving score is based on things like speed, harsh braking and acceleration, cornering and mobile phone usage. Scores can range anywhere from 40 to 100 (the higher the better) and your average score is calculated across multiple trips to determine the price of your premium.

While premiums can differ from month to month, UbiCar aim to encourage drivers to drive safer and better by constantly keeping them in the loop about what they did well and where they need to improve. 

Every month, UbiCar notifies customers on the cost of their premium and why it went up or down from the previous month. 

Bear in mind, if your data isn’t available because your tracking tag is unconnected more than 30 days after your insurance commences or for 30 days before the event you’re making a claim on, an extra $1,500 excess applies. 

What levels of cover does UbiCar Insurance offer? 

UbiCar Insurance only offer comprehensive insurance that covers you for a range of events like damage, theft and towing costs. 

There is also a cover option for younger drivers, but UbiCar claim to focus more on the driver’s skills than their age bracket. Like with experienced drivers, UbiCar gives inexperienced drivers the chance to reduce their premiums by proving they are a responsible driver. 

Bear in mind though, drivers under 25 pay a higher excess in the case of a claim (up to $650!). To see more details about the UbiCar policy, read our full review.  

How do I apply?

Getting a quote from UbiCar Insurance can be done quickly and easily online, but you’ll need to have some info ready to go before hand. Here’s everything you’ll need: 

Your personal details: Name, date of birth, gender, mobile number and email

Intended policy start date

Number plate details: State where car is registered, registration number 

Modifications made to your car: Including any accessories added to the car after manufacture 

More information about your car: Postcode where you car is kept, car purpose (private, business, rideshare), where you park (on the street or garage), car financing and approximate kms travelled in a year

How much you want to be covered for 

Any claims made in the past 3 years: Claim type and what date it occurred  

Any drivers you want to add to the policy: Spouse, children that have their licence or any other family members or friends 

How much you want to pay in excess

Any options you want to add: Either windscreen and window glass cover or hire car cover (after an accident)

Meet UbiCar

UbiCar Comprehensive Car Insurance*
  • Rewarded with lower monthly premiums for safe driving

  • Easy to claim via UbiCar app

  • Choose your own repairer

If you’re someone who prides themselves on being a safe driver, UbiCar could be the perfect car insurance option for you. You can reduce the amount you pay in premiums from month to month by simply being safe on the road. Keep track of your driving habits, review your driving score and premium cost, and make claims through the UbiCar app. Not only that, UbiCar offers the flexibility so that if your car is damaged, you can choose your own repairer.

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^See information about the Mozo Experts Choice Car insurance Awards

Once you’ve provided all the information required, UbiCar will provide you with a quote -  but it might look a little different to the one you’d receive from another car insurance provider. 

While you will receive an estimated monthly premium amount, because these amounts are subject to change, you are also provided with a minimum and maximum premium amount on your policy. This is the ballpark for your premiums so to speak, because while you are rewarded for safe driving and your premiums will go down, there is a limit to how low they can go and similarly to how high they can go as well. 

Your “base premium” is the premium that is based on your driving performance while you hold your policy, and every month you are updated on the cost by UbiCar. 

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