Senior drivers overtake GenY on roads

There are now more than 1 million more senior drivers on our roads and fewer younger drivers compared to a decade ago according to recent research from Roy Morgan.

83.3% of seniors Australians (aged 65+) are still behind the wheel compared with just 82% of people aged 25-34. A decade ago, 87.5% of the younger group drove compared with 75.9% of seniors. 

"Across the major age groups, the only segment to have declined significantly is the 25-34 year olds," said Jordan Pakes, Group Account Director - Automotive, Roy Morgan Research.

While GenY driver numbers are down, the research also revealed that 40% of non driving 25-34 year olds lived in urban areas of capital cities where it is more common to use public transport or foot to get around the city.

Mr Pakes also noted that a reason for the increase in senior driver numbers was that seniors were much more likely to live in rural and regional areas and more likely to be reliant on a car as a means of transport.

Regardless of what age group Australians belong to, the fact remains that with our increasing population there is around 20% more drivers on our roads than a decade ago, making it important for people to ensure they have comprehensive car insurance.

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