Some small cars cost a fortune to repair, study shows

Many motorists may think they are saving themselves a lot of money by purchasing a smaller car, but a new report has suggested that this might not be the case.

By having a smaller engine, Aussies do not need to spend as much on fuel and it is highly likely that their car insurance premiums will be lower too.

However, NRMA Insurance has conducted a number of tests to see how much it costs to repair certain vehicles.

It found that some popular small hatchbacks can sustain huge amounts of damage in low-speed collisions. In fact, some motorists have to pay up to 70 per cent of their car's sale price just to get it fixed after a crash at 10 km/h.

According to the research, the Holden Barina was deemed to be the best performer, as repairs cost just 14.3 per cent of its overall value after it had been involved in a front and rear-end crash.

"Because of its effective bumper design, Barina did not suffer structural damage and the damage was isolated to the bumper components," commented head of research at NRMA Insurance Robert McDonald.

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