Stay calm behind the wheel, car insurance expert says

Most of us will have been infuriated by the actions of other road users while driving, but those who say they never react angrily may not be telling the whole truth.

A recent survey conducted by car insurance specialist AAMI showed that as many as half of Aussie motorists have verbally abused another driver for doing something that they did not approve of, even if it was a genuine mistake.

Of this number, 82 per cent were unrepentant, insisting that the other road user deserved to receive a mouthful.

Worryingly, nearly one in five have tailgated another driver and in some cases a simple case of miscommunication can result in fights or people being run off the road.

Corporate affairs manager at AAMI Reuben Aitchison said that if you are cut off, just take a deep breath and carry on without allowing the situation to escalate.

The problem could worsen as more Aussies are taking to the roads, as Commsec recently revealed that now could be the best time to buy a car because they are currently so cheap.

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