Car insurance - the makes and models

Designers of car insurance are every bit as busy as designers of cars, so you're looking at a range of add-ons and options, including:

Gap auto insurance

If you bought your car with financing, your lender will likely require you to take out either comprehensive car insurance, or gap - 'shortfall' - insurance. Gap insurance is typically cheaper than comprehensive, and simply insures the lender for the outstanding payments owed on the car if you seriously damage or write it off.

Mozos top car insurance tip #1: While your dealer or lender can oblige you to take out gap insurance, you don't have to take up their particular offer. (Dealers are usually paid commissions by car insurers, and the winner of that arrangement isn't always you.)

Mechanical failure insurance

Extended warranties are another optional extra, insuring you against mechanical failures. Typically, your new car will come with a one, two or three year warranty, and mechanical failure insurance allows you to extend the cover for supercostly mechanical failure.

Mozos top car insurance tip #2: What's the chance of your new - or pre-loved - car needing seriously expensive mechanical repairs? Unless your car's kms are on the high side, you may be better off paying for minor mechanical repairs yourself.

Classic auto insurance

Alongside your major insurance firms, there are various specialist insurance companies with packages tailored to niche needs. The proud owner of a uniquely vintage automobile should equally be the proud owner of a unique auto insurance deal and specialist car insurers may fit the bill for your pre-1970 classic, vintage or veteran car. This is also the case for insuring high-performance vehicles.

Car insurance: young drivers

Irrespective of their driving record, car owners under 25 years old may find it difficult - ie, prohibitively expensive - to obtain premium insurance cover. Once again, there are specialist auto insurers which cater to student or young drivers' insurance needs, so it's worth a wider search.

Pensioner and older driver car insurance

Pensioner car insurance is a cheaper way to cover your vehicle if you and your partner are over 50 and not working full time. If you're planning to retire, it's worth comparing older driver car insurance for a cheaper quote.