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If you’re crazy about cars, Just Car insurance might be right for you. It’s specially designed for car lovers cruising in imported, modified or high performance vehicles - so no matter how souped up your car is, you can get cover to keep it safe.

Here’s what you need to know about a Just Car insurance policy:

Just Car offers the following car insurance policies

Product Monthly premiums available Maximum no claim discount Online discount Choice of repairer

costs extra

up to 60%


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Frequently asked questions about Just Car insurance

Can I choose what excess I pay?

Yep. As with most car insurance policies, you can choose between paying a lower excess if you have to make a claim (and therefore a higher premium) or a higher excess in return for a lower upfront premium.

The choice is yours, and might come down to how likely you think it is you’ll have an accident.

What discounts are available?

Everyone loves a discount, and they can make a huge difference when it comes to the cost of your car insurance. With Just Car insurance, you can snag both a no claims discount (which will be different depending on your state) and a discount for buying your policy online.

How many modifications can be covered by a policy?

As many as you like. The important thing is that you need to make sure your modifications:

Check with Just Car to make sure your particular modifications can be covered, and make sure you mention all the modifications on your vehicle - if you don’t, they won’t be covered. And remember, the more modifications you have, the higher your premium is likely to be.

What isn’t covered?

Although Just Car does its best to cover all kinds of cars and drivers, there are some things that won’t be covered under a policy. These include:

What cover do I have in an emergency?

Although Just Car insurance is great to keep you mods safe, it’s light on emergency cover. It will handle the cost of towing your car if it isn't safe to drive, but it doesn’t come with roadside assistance or cover for a rental car, your personal property or replacement keys.

Remember that your policy won’t cover emergency repairs that you have done without notifying Just Car - so whenever possible, hold off on repairs until after your claim is made.

How is my premium calculated?

Basic things that Just Car looks at when calculating your premium include:

Just Car makes its business to cover modifications whenever possible, so if you’re after cover for any special touches you’ve added to your vehicle, these may also be a big factor in the cost of your premium.

How is Just Car rated by customers?

Those are the facts - but if you’re going to trust them to have your back in a pinch, you want to hear first hand what Just Car customer service, price and policy coverage is like. So head over to our customer review section to hear from car lovers like you how Just Car insurance rates.

How to make a claim

If you have to make a claim on your comprehensive car insurance policy, there are a few options for getting in contact with Just Car insurance - you can do it over the phone, online or through their handy app.

Remember that when you make a claim, you’ll need a few details, including:

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