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This fresh insurance provider is focused on ultra-tailored car insurance that provides transparent value. Drivers can personalise their policy down to the days of the week they drive and specific events they want covered, and see a reduced premium when they cut out cover they don’t need.

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About Range Car Insurance

This new kid on the car insurance block is offering extremely flexible insurance for drivers looking to cut down their premiums. While Range is underwritten by major insurance player RAC, it offers a pretty unique approach to car insurance.

You’ll likely see the usual inclusions and exclusions in policies, but the difference with Range is that drivers can opt in or out of almost every coverage point, and even elect specific days of the week for when their policy is active. The aim is to create a tailored policy that meets the exact needs of each customer at a reduced price.

What does Range Insurance cover?

You might be asking whether Range offers comprehensive car insurance or simply third party cover. In short, the answer is that both are accessible under the one policy. 

This is because Range customers are able to opt in or out of various aspects of the policy. This includes policy points you’d see in comprehensive car insurance (like damage to your own wheels and cover for a hire car after an insurable incident) and third party coverage (solely cover for damage to other cars and property).

It’s an unconventional approach, but the idea is that by only choosing the events and coverage likely to impact you, you’ll be able to remove unnecessary cover and reduce car insurance costs.

Similarly, Range customers are able to elect certain days of the week where the policy does and does not apply. This is useful for people who only drive minimally on a consistent schedule (e.g. only on weekends for shopping and leisure), as each day has an associated cost and cutting out days can reduce your premium. 

Bear in mind, if you then drive on a day not covered by your policy and end up in an incident where you need to claim on your insurance, your cover will not be valid. 

Be sure to carefully read through the Range Product Disclosure Statement and figure out exactly what elements of the coverage you need and want before taking out a policy.

Are there any general exclusions with Range?

As with more standard car insurance policies, there are some things that Range definitely won’t cover you for. Some of the major exclusions are:

How much does Range Car Insurance cost?

Since the inclusions in a Range Car Insurance are optional, premiums will vary depending on each individual customer’s selection. However, there are other factors which affect the cost of Range Car Insurance, including:

How does making a claim with Range work?

So long as it’s for events and days you’re covered for, you’ll be able to submit a claim with Range online. If the claim is related to a theft or crime, you’ll need to report this to the police, and in all circumstances try to ensure the car isn’t damaged further. Depending on the type of claim, you’ll need the following information:

Range Insurance FAQs

Are there any Range Car Insurance discounts?

Yes, Range offers a no claim bonus for drivers who don’t make any ‘at-fault’ claims on their car insurance for a certain number of years. This ranges from 20% for one year up to 55% for five or more claim-free years with Range. 

You are able to maintain this discount if you make a claim where you were not the driver at fault, and the bonus won’t be affected if your claim is only for damage to your car's windscreen, sunroof or window glass. 

You can also add a layer of insurance to this bonus by opting in for the no claims bonus protection (for an additional premium). This ensures the discount is maintained if you make one at-fault claim in a policy period.

Does Range offer roadside assistance?

No, Range Insurance doesn’t offer roadside assistance. If you’d like to have this kind of support, you’ll need to take out a separate policy with another provider.

Where does Range provider car insurance?

Right now, Range only provides comprehensive car insurance in Western Australia and New South Wales cover. This means you'll need to be a resident of these states to take out a Range policy. However, it will be valid when driving in other states and territories. 

Is there an age excess with Range?

Yes, Range will apply an additional young driver excess if you’re under 25. This is between $300 and $650 depending on your age (and that of other listed drivers). There’s also an additional inexperienced driver excess of $300 if drivers are 26 or older but have been driving for less than two years on a full licence.

 The standard excess with Range is $500, but you can elect to increase this up to $2,000 (for a reduced premium) or down to $0 (for a premium increase).

Who underwrites Range? 

Range is underwritten by RAC Insurance, which was founded in Western Australia more than 100 years ago.

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Range car insurance

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