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UbiCar’s philosophy is simple and refreshing: people should be rewarded for their safe driving. That’s why it offers personalised car insurance that sees good drivers paying lower premiums. With the help of an app and a tag in your car, UbiCar will monitor how you drive and adjust your policy accordingly.

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Frequently asked questions about UbiCar car insurance

How is my premium calculated?

Unlike many other insurance providers, UbiCar calculates your premium based on how you use your car. It does this via the UbiCar Tag and App, which work together to track your behaviour on the road. 

If your driving improves over time, your premium will be reduced. If, however, it worsens, you can expect your premium to go up. You can keep it low by making sure to always follow the rules of the road, or even by using your car less.

Along with how you drive, there are a few other factors that go into calculating your premium, just as with traditional car insurance, such as your car’s value, its make and model, and where you keep it.

How does the UbiCar app work?

The main driver and anyone else whose name is on the policy must download the UbiCar app on their phone. This will work in tandem with the UbiCar Tag to collect information about your driving. Just remember to activate your location services before you drive, otherwise the app won’t function properly.

How do I install the UbiCar Tag?

The UbiCar Tag is a small device which resembles a toll tag. You’ll get one when you sign up for an insurance policy with UbiCar, and must be installed within 30 days. 

To set it up, you’ll have to stick it to a secure location on your car, such as a dashboard or windscreen, then press a button to turn it on. Next, you’ll have to open the UbiCar app on your phone, hit the ‘Manage Tag’ option, and follow the instructions to connect the two. 

Once it’s been installed, you won’t have to worry about activating it each time you drive; it will do so automatically once it senses the car is moving.

How is my UbiCar score calculated?

Your UbiCar score is a number between 40 and 100, and reflects how safe you are as a driver (the higher the score, the better). There are a lot of things that go into calculating this score, but the main ones are:

The score displayed on the app is a rolling two week score, meaning it’s based on your time on the road over the past two weeks. To accurately assess how safe a driver you are, UbiCar will base your policy on your score over an extended period of time. For that reason, the number on your app might not match the one on your policy. Ubicar will make sure to tell you which scores were used to determine how much you pay in your Certificate of Insurance.

How can I pay my premium?

Your premium must be paid in monthly instalments, and when you first open a policy you’ll be required to pay for the first two instalments up front. Because your premium depends on your UbiCar score, it may differ from month to month. To avoid any surprises, you’ll be informed of how much you’ll pay each month in advance.

As for payment methods, UbiCar accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Unfortunately, it does not offer the option to pay via BPAY or direct debit from a bank account.

What benefits are included in the policy?

When you sign up for a UbiCar policy, you'll receive a number of benefits. These include:

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim, you’ll need to call UbiCar and provide them with the necessary details of the incident. These include:

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