Police issue warning of thieves “Christmas shopping” in Aussie homes

South Australian police have reminded communities to lock up homes and sheds over Christmas, the peak season for theft.

In a recent statement, police likened a recent spike of break-ins in South Australia as the equivalent to “Christmas shopping”.

According to South Australian police, the favourite things for criminals to steal are sports equipment, tools, bicycles, small portable electronics and jewellery. 

ABS figures from 2013 showed nearly 70% of break-ins resulted in stolen property, and the most common place for unlawful entry with intent was a residential location. 

Tips to keep your humble abode safe this summer:

• Check your insurance: Home and and contents insurance can cover a range of things you’ve never considered getting stolen or damaged during a home break-in. Check up on what your insurance covers and how much you’re paying to ensure you’re signed up with the best deal for you. 

• Think twice next hard rubbish collection: Leaving old electronics on the street for pick-up by the council tells potential thieves you are upgrading. 

• Cut back trees and shrubs: Allianz Australia’s tip to Australians includes stripping bare entrances and exits to your home to create a clear line of sight from the street. 

• Strengthen your defences: Another handy tip from insurance provider, Allianz Australia is to upgrade locks and screen doors to keep up with sneaky tactics burglars have for breaking in. 

• Look after your pets: Remember that pets get stolen too! While you might think your luxury breed dog is a good guard dog, don’t advertise the breed you have with a gimmicky sign on the front door. 

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