Total fire bans in Victoria: How can you keep your home safe?

A total fire ban was declared across five regions in Victoria yesterday, following a series of small fires in the state’s north-east.

Residents in the Wimmera, Mallee, Northern Country, North Central and North East districts were restricted from lighting open fires throughout the day, as the state experienced its most serious fire conditions since February.

As the nation’s fire and storm season begins, it is important for Australians to review what they will do if their home is threatened.

The Victorian Country Fire Authority (CFA) provided the following tips for Australians in the lead up to the summer season.

1. Develop a bushfire plan, detailing what your ‘trigger point’ to leave will be, what you will take with you, and where you will go.

2. Leave early.

3. Make emergency arrangements for pets.

4. Have a back up plan, that details alternate exit routes, and shelter options.

5. Avoid defending your property at all costs - it is risky. It is safest to be well away from the threat.

Read the CFA’s complete Fire Ready Kit here.

Mozo would also suggest that now is a good time to review your home and contents insurance policy, to make sure you have an appropriate level of cover.