'Travel Hacker' reveals how to travel the world for free.

Almost every single traveller has dreamt of finding a way to dramatically cut the costs of getting overseas or even fly for free. And one traveller is claiming to have found a way to help those who are serious about living their dream, reports the News Limited Network.

"Travel Hacking' conjures up visions of a computer prodigy hacking away at the airlines booking systems from a damp, dimly lit basement but in reality it's far more simple, legal and getting numerous travellers around the world for next to nothing and even for free.

Chris Guillebeau, the author of an 80,000 readers strong blog, can be considered a guru of the travel hacking phenomenon. At the age of 35, he claims to have visited 193 different countries and at least 50 of them for free.

Travel hacking involves finding ways to get frequent flyer miles without having to actually go through the expensive spending process of earning points. However, Mr Gaillebeau admits it can take a little while to get started and requires regular searches for deals.

"If you can devote 30 minutes a month to earning points through regular follow-up, you should be able to earn enough points for several free trips a year no matter where you live," says Mr Gaillebeau.

While working as an aid worker in West Africa Mr Guillebeau decided to travel back to the U.S. to visit his wife for Christmas. "Economy tickets were about $1,500, but I discovered I could buy Frequent Flyer Miles on eBay. I was able to purchase enough miles to fly Business Class both ways... for only $1,200. After that, I was hooked."

Some of Mr Guillebeau's other antics include taking part in a hair loss consultation in exchange for 20,000 Delta SkyMiles, even though he claims to have had a full head of hair at the time.

Chris's advice to those who want to have a go at their own travel hacking should visit his blog or sites such as MilePoint.com

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