2 month airport stay for Spanish tourist.

A Spanish tourist would definitely be wishing he had taken out travel insurance after being left stranded in a South American airport for the last two months.

Rodrigo Ben-Azul travelled to Santiago to settle a dispute with his family, back in November 2012, more than two months ago. After failing to resolve the family issue he returned back to the airport and has been waiting since for funds from his relatives in Spain, to purchase a ticket back home, reports nydailynews.com

Rodrigo is now a familiar face at Chile's Santiago airport and his dilemma has been compared to that of the scene's from Steven Spielberg's, "The Terminal," where a native of the fictitious 'Krakozhia' endures a lengthy stay in New York's JFK airport. Although it seems Mr Ben-Azul's  story may not be as action packed, at night he sleeps in a quite corner of the airport terminal, during the day he collects money by returning luggage trolleys or gathers food and cigarrettes from rubbish bins. Also, unfortunately for Mr Ben-Azul, his story does not involve a blossoming romance with Catherine Zeta Jones as Tom Hank's character did in the true life comedy.

This is not the first time a traveller has been reported stuck at an airport for an extended period. According to the guardian.co.uk, in 2011, Robert Wladyslaw Parzelski was reportedly left stranded in a Brazilian airport for more than two weeks. The 44 year old Polish electrician had travelled from London to Sau Paulo without enough funds to purchase a return ticket. Unable to communicate due to language barriers, Mr Parzelski was dubbed 'The German' by Sau Paulo airport staff, who began caring for the stranded traveller bringing him daily servings of water, yoghurt and cigarettes.

With Medibank recently releasing 2012's most expensive travel insurance claims, varying from $32,000 and up to $469,000, tourists should be wary of the uncontrollable mishaps that can occur when travelling overseas, and note the Australian Government's recommendation that all Australians travelling abroad should have comprehensive travel insurance.

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