2012's most expensive travel insurance claims

The most expensive travel insurance claims of 2012 should have a large influence over anyone who ever had second thoughts of purchasing travel insurance before heading overseas.

Travel mishaps could happen to anybody and as the following case's show, the costs can quickly add up to a vast amount of money for anyone unlucky enough to suffer a misfortune while on an overseas jaunt.

The most costly claim of 2012 came in at $469,000 for one traveller who suffered the potentially fatal kidney disease, Pauci-immune Glomerulonephritis, while travelling in the U.S. Joining the top ten list were, $106,000 for a brain infection in the UAE and $75,000 for a fractured leg, sports injury, while in Fiji.

According to Medibank the top 10 most expensive travel insurance claims for 2012 were:

1. Pauci-immune Glomerulonephritis, US $469,000

2. Fractured pelvis and back, head injury, Peru $152,500

3. Meningoencephalitis, UAE $106,000

4. Fractured leg, Fiji $75,000

5. Respiratory bacterial infection, Monaco $74,500

6. Back fracture, El Salvador $50,300

7. Injured leg, Philippines $44,400

8. Brain tumour, Greece $40,400

9. Meningitis, China $32,600

10. Fractured humerus, Austria $32,100

While these incidents may be extreme they are "evidence that you never know what sort of health emergency you could have while travelling," said Medibank spokesperson Laz Cotsios.

Facing an injury overseas can often attract costs, aside from direct medical costs, that travellers may never even consider. In the case of the Kidney disease the insurance even covered the costs of returning the victims family back home.

While the cases above range from unlikely medical circumstances, it also shows that common fractures and even meningitis can accumulate to an extreme amount of medical and travel costs. Which is why travellers should always have the best travel insurance to cover the full duration and circumstances of their trip.

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