AirAsia customers frustrated over long wait for flight cancellation refunds

A large number of AirAsia customers have inundated the airline’s social media accounts with complaints over an alleged backlog of delayed refunds on flight cancellations.

Some disgruntled Australians have even threatened to take out a class action lawsuit against the airline over ignoring refund requests. Such comments can be seen on the company’s Facebook page and similar complaints on Twitter.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, one couple had to cancel their Bali honeymoon in June and were left out of pocket by over $4,000.

"On the 15th of June we received an email that said our flights had been refunded," Melbourne woman Patrice Lade told the newspaper. "It is now the 28th of July and we have not received any of our money.”

In an AirAsia Facebook thread on Wednesday, Lade said she had sent 24 eforms in the last six weeks. None of them were responded to.

The airline is making headlines for other reasons today over a near collision with a Jetstar plane after take off in the Gold Coast.

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