Are Australians becoming travellers of habit?

Returning to a familiar holiday destination is a growing trend amongst Australian travellers but they should  remain open minded when it comes to their travel insurance provider.

A survey by accommodation booking website has found Australian travellers are becoming less adventurous when selecting where to take their annual vacation. The survey found travellers would prefer to go where they are certain they will get the best value for their money and have a stress free holiday.

60 percent of survey respondents said they had returned to at least one holiday spot multiple times in the last 5 years. But it's not just the destination that travellers are choosing to play it safe on. 45 percent travelled with the same people, 25 percent chose the same accommodation, 29 percent picked the same airline and a quarter even chose the same time of year to take their holiday.

Surprisingly, only 38 percent of the respondents believed that they were creatures of habit.

"On holidays, we want to be able to switch off and relax while knowing we are getting great value for money. As travel becomes more affordable with the rise in low-cost airlines and accommodation deals, taking a short break to a familiar destination that you love is easier and more appealing than ever," she said.

The most popular repeat holiday destinations were the US, UK, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Australian travellers who like to play it safe by choosing the familiar might not always get the best deal by sticking with the same travel insurance provider year after year. Travellers can compare providers to insure they are getting the best possible travel insurance deal, on Mozo.

Are Australians losing their sense of adventure or is taking a same-cation a good idea? Tell us what you think.