Aussie Jetstar bookings still involve pre-ticked boxes despite NZ ban

Jetstar has continued to pre-tick costly add ons for consumers who book airfares online, despite an ongoing petition with thousands of signatories and New Zealand banning the practice.

Meals, baggage fees and seat allocations are automatically selected when Jetstar travellers buy tickets online, which increases the total booking price if not manually unticked.

“We don't think the airlines should be selecting these extras for you. We think that customers are able to decide what optional extras they'd like without having them pre-selected,” CHOICE stated in a campaign dubbed “Ditch the Ticks”.

The joint petition with Consumer NZ and a formal warning by New Zealand’s Commerce Commission resulted in Jetstar scrapping automatically ticked boxes for Kiwis in March, while Australians are still required to opt out.

The airline responded to CHOICE by arguing that its practises are in line with low cost carriers abroad.

“Jetstar is a low cost carrier and our pre-selected options are in line with other low cost carriers worldwide,” said Head of Corporate Communications at Jetstar Group, Luke Enright to the consumer advocacy group.

“If customers don't want to purchase a pre-selected product they just click a button and continue with their booking.”

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