Aussie travellers risk losing thousands over this one insurance mistake

Australian jetsetters are frequently taking out travel insurance policies for international trips without declaring pre-existing conditions, according to one insurance body.

“They often head away on a holiday without realising they may not be covered by their travel insurance, if they have not declared a previous injury or a medical condition,” said Jonathan Etkind from InsureandGo.

Pre-existing medical conditions such as high cholesterol or diabetes could potentially spell financial ruin for those who haven’t declared them and end up requiring medical attention while they’re away. Pregnant women should also check with their insurer if they will be covered, as some policies can be inadequate.

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“We urge all travellers to discuss their pre-existing medical conditions with their insurer and check if they are covered within their policy. It’s always best to be upfront,” Etkind said.

But not all holidaymakers like to take out travel insurance policies to protect them abroad. Recent research by Allianz Australia revealed that 90% of Australians consider it a “non-essential”.

Despite this, government authority Smart Traveller urges Australians to cover their tracks. Its website states that the Australian Government will not pay for travellers’ medical treatment overseas.

If globetrotters take out an adequate travel insurance policy, medical expenses incurred overseas will usually be covered to an unlimited amount. To learn more about travel insurance and search for a suitable provider to cover you, visit the Mozo travel insurance hub now.