Aussie travellers with travel insurance have a “decided edge”

Each year over 8 million Australians jet-set overseas and if a medical disaster strikes those with travel insurance or an assistance plan have a "decided edge", according to eGlobal Travel Media.

With thousands of Aussies planning an overseas holiday this winter, travel insurance should be high on the pre-travel check list. Search Mozo’s travel insurance hub here.

eGlobal Travel Media said travel insurance or assistance company’s medical management team coordinates all aspects of care with the treating physicians on site, ensuring that the traveller gets appropriate treatment, including communicating with the traveller’s doctors back home and with family members.

“In serious cases, an air ambulance with a medical evacuation team may be dispatched to transport the traveller back home or to the closest appropriate medical facility for treatment,” advised eGlobal.

“For less severe injuries and illnesses when a patient is stable enough to travel home but still needs assistance, a medical escort may be assigned to accompany the traveller home, providing needed medication and support.”

Protect yourself in an overseas emergency:

1. Find out if your travel insurance policy includes medical evacuation.

2. Look for a policy with unlimited medical cover, as overseas bills could run into the hundreds of thousands.

3. Find out if pre-existing medical conditions (including pregnancy) are covered.

4. Carry a copy of the 24/7 hotline phone number and policy number with you when travelling.

5. Keep copies of all travel and medical receipts, including airline tickets, incidental expenses, hospital and doctor bills in case a claim needs to be filed.

Another consideration when globetrotting is organising your travel money, so you don't pay steep overseas ATM transaction fees and foreign exchange commission.