Australians still prefer travel agents.

In an age where more Australians are choosing the internet to buy travel insurance, book hotels and buy flights, when it comes to choosing an actual holiday destination, traditional travel agents are still the preferred choice of advice.

From December 2011 through to December 2012, 37 percent of Australians taking an overseas holiday used a travel agent to help them choose their destination, compared to just 34 percent who used the internet, according to new research by Roy Morgan.

"Although fewer Australians are seeking the expert advice of travel agents when planning their overseas holiday itinerary, the majority end up booking with a travel agent, either online, in person or by phone, said Roy Morgan Director of International Tourism, Travel & Leisure, Jane Ianniello.

Following travel agent advice and online research, word-of-mouth was the next most influential factor in helping people to pick a holiday destination, with 26 percent of travellers saying they sought advice from friends. The next most persuasive factor in a decision process was previous experience of a destination, effecting around 18 percent of peoples judgement.

"With the increasing penetration of home computers and iPhones, the trend towards using the internet to research and book overseas holidays directly is likely to continue," said Mrs Ianniello.

While travel agents may provide great advice when travelling to a destination, travellers are likely to find the best insurance coverage options through an online travel insurance comparison, where they can policies side by side.

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