Back to nature, dream holiday or disaster?

Research into Australian holiday preferences has revealed that 73% of Australians aged 14+ would prioritise getting back to nature on their next vacation. Australians love the great outdoors, but holiday preferences can land some in deep trouble when travel insurance fine print leaves Australians favourite activities uncovered.

You can forget the bright lights, big cities and package tours, according to the latest from Roy Morgan, most Australians dream of a holiday where they can experience the local culture, enjoy a natural setting, and not be bothered by crowds. In fact 70% of the population said they'd be taking their holidays far from the crowds.

"Australians increasingly want an authentic holiday experience where they can enjoy the local culture," says Jane Ianniello, Director at Roy Morgan Research "But while their ideal holiday is in a natural setting away from crowds, many of them end up at busy beach or urban destinations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay, and Bali."

Our taste for active and adventure holidays are also on the increase. Over half the population (51%) claim to be very active on holiday, which is a significant increase from 43% in June 2003.

However before reaching for your hiking boots you'll want to make sure you're covered if something goes wrong. Many Regular travel insurance policies don't cover adventurous outdoorsy activities, so if you're into sky-diving, camel riding, hot air ballooning, mountain climbing etc. you had better double check your policy to make sure you're covered.

Be sure to check your medical and life insurance policies for exclusions, if you aren't covered for your next planned retreat to mother nature, get a supplement or adventure travel focused policy. Still unsure? Compare travel insurance providers and get the best travel insurance for your dream holiday.