Bangkok set to become most popular tourist city in the world.

Bangkok is set to overtake London to become the new most popular tourist city in the world, according to the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index Forecast.

The index which predicts the number of visitors to a city based on scheduled flights and estimated tourist spend for 132 destinations around the world is forecasting that Bangkok, the gateway to Thailand's world famous beaches, will leapfrog London to become the new most popular city in the world for tourists.

The Thai capital is expected to have around 15.98 million visitors in 2013, compared to London's 15.96 million. Of the 6.8 million visits to Thailand recorded so far this year, over 1 million visitors were from China, who are expected to make up the majority of the visits to Bangkok this year.

Paris, once the most popular city in the world for tourists, was the only city to record a decline in popularity with a 0.7 percent drop in visitors. Meanwhile the cities which are growing fastest in popularity were Istanbul with 9.5 percent growth, and Dubai with 10.9 percent. Istanbul is now expected to overtake Paris in popularity by 2016.

As for Australia's top cities, Sydney placed just 15th and Melbourne came in at 25th place.

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