DFAT increases travel warnings to Indonesia including Bali

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is advising Australians who are planning an overseas getaway in the lead up to Easter to Bali and other cities in Indonesia to exercise a high degree of caution due to the high threat of terrorist attacks.

Parliamentary elections will be held across Indonesia on 9 April. The travel warning was upgraded by DFAT yesterday (April 3, 2014) advising Australians to pay close attention to their personal security at all times and to monitor media for the information about possible new safety or security risks. 

"We continue to receive information that indicated that terrorists may be planning attacks in Indonesia, which could take place at any time," says the DFAT Advisory.

Australians are advised to "exercise particular caution around locations that have a low level of protective security and avoid places known to be possible terrorist targets." Types of venues mentioned in the advisory as possible targets for terrorist attacks include nightclubs, bars, restaurants and international hotels.

Anyone travelling to the region is urged to register their details with DFAT so that they can contact you in the case of an emergency. You can register here.

The Government strongly advises anyone travelling overseas to take out international travel insurance. It is also important to carefully consider the risks of using motorcycles when overseas warns DFAT as there are license and insurance issues that could arise if you are in an accident. For instance, your travel insurance could be void if you are not licensed to drive a motorcycle.

Australians are also reminded that if DFAT ups its warning for Bali and Indonesia to a "Do not travel" warning that this could be another trigger to void any travel insurance policy claims. Many insurers have exclusions relating to countries on the "do not travel list" so read the policy carefully so that you know the risks and what you are and are not covered for in an emergency event.

To compare travel insurance options and get quotes see here on Mozo, further details about the travel advisory warning can be found on the DFAT website.