DFAT issues ongoing terrorism warning for Aussies travelling to Kuala Lumpur

DFAT has warned Aussies travelling to Kuala Lumpur to exercise caution, and for those travelling to the eastern coastal region of Sabah to rethink their need to travel, amidst fears terrorist attacks may be planned in the area.

While DFAT said Aussies travelling in Malaysia need only exercise normal levels of caution, there is an “ongoing risk of terrorism” throughout the area.

Eastern Sabah, between Sandakan and Tawau has been identified as the highest risk area for kidnappings. Close to the Sulu archipelago in the southern Philippines, eastern Sabah remains in danger from southern-Philippines based terrorist groups. Since 2014, these groups have been carrying out kidnappings of foreign nationals throughout the area.

“Attacks could be indiscriminate and may target Western interests or locations frequented by Westerners,” an advisory on DFAT’s Smartraveller website said.

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Although many travel insurance policies specifically exclude both terrorism and areas where government has advised travellers to reconsider their need to travel, DFAT has urged Aussies to check their policies and talk to their providers.

“Be aware that if the travel advice level changes after you have booked, but before you have departed, you may be able to make a claim on your travel insurance policy,” the Smartraveller website advised.

Whether you are travelling or calling your plans off in light of warnings from DFAT, it’s important to know the exclusions and inclusions of your travel insurance policy. And make sure you’re always covered for unexpected circumstances by finding a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover your next trip.