Fun for one - more Aussies fly solo and take holidays alone

Do you want to travel wherever or whenever you want? New research by Roy Morgan shows you are not alone, as solo holidays are gaining in popularity amongst Australian travellers.

12,642,000 Australians enjoyed at least one holiday in the 12 months to March 2014 and the study showed of those who specified who they travelled with, 16% went by themselves (up from 12% a decade ago).

Domestic travel topped the list for solo travellers at 80%, however this figure has fallen from 87% over the last decade. In contrast, solo holiday-makers who jet-setted overseas for their last trip has risen from 14% to 22%, thanks largely to increased travel to Asia.

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The study showed that while solo travellers like to fly alone, 75% visit friends or relatives. But an increasing proportion of solo travellers at 27%, (up from 23%) are timing their holidays to coincide with special events or festivals, such as the Brazil World Cup.

Roy Morgan’s director of tourism Jane Ianniello said solo travellers represent a potentially lucrative market for tourism operators, airlines and accommodation providers. “They may account for a smaller proportion of Australia’s holiday-makers than those who travel with others, but they’re the only segment that has grown in the last decade – and which shows no sign of declining any time soon.”

Ianniello described the solo traveller as largely on the other side of 35, with 43% being 50+. “In fact, the proportion of solo travellers aged under 35 has declined slightly in the last decade: it’s older Aussies — men and women alike —who are leading this trend.”

“More often than not, these mature travellers are single, divorced, separated or widowed, with their main parental responsibilities behind them, and are keen to get out there and enjoy their newfound freedom. The world really is their oyster,” said Ianniello.