London is more accessible to the average Aussie with every passing year.

International flight prices are in a free fall, the Aussie dollar keeps getting stronger and travel insurance comparisons keep getting easier, making now cheaper to travel overseas than compared to five years ago.

Recent airfare research by Flight Centre shows that the average international flight ticket is around 25% cheaper than it was five years ago. The research, based on an analysis of the cheapest flights to 10 popular destinations in comparison to 2007, found prices to destinations such as Singapore are almost half the price and as much as 30% cheaper for hotspots like Bali and Bangkok. Traditionally flights to London required a large period of saving by Aussie travellers, however flights to the British capital are now almost 11% cheaper than they were 5 years ago. "London seems to become more accessible for the average Australian traveller with every passing year," says Flight Centre Limited Managing Director Graham Turner.

Mr Turner also commented that Australians are now getting more for their dollar overseas, with 10% inflation locally and a 20% rise in wages. And thanks to the heavy competition amongst airlines, tickets prices are becoming significantly more affordable.

While the cost of overseas travel is becoming accessible to more Aussies, travellers are reminded that the cost of an unexpected emergency can leave tourists in thousands of dollars in debt. The Department of Foreign Affairs SmartTraveller website advises all Australians travelling overseas to take out adequate travel insurance, regardless of their destination.

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