Pregnant and elderly travellers warned over insurer exclusions

Pregnant, elderly and those with pre existing medical conditions could find themselves being overlooked by their travel insurance provider.

Independent consumer advocacy group CHOICE recently conducted a review of 89 travel insurance products and found that Australians could find large differences in the policies offered by travel insurance providers. Those with pre-existing medical conditions such as pregnancy, dementia, depression, anxiety and people over 65 were the most likely to be neglected by travel insurance.

The best providers of CHOICE's review were CoverMore, Allianz and Medibank who offered the widest range of existing medical conditions without extra fee or assessment. For pregnant travellers Good2Go, Chartis and Defence Health. Columbus Direct also covered pregnancy for up to 30 weeks with an extra premium. For adventure travellers, Medibank and Covermore offered the widest range of coverage for adventure activities."Choosing the wrong policy can almost be as bad as having none at all" according to Ingrid Just of CHOICE.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr recently launched a 2.6 million campaign warning travellers of the health and financial risks of travelling abroad without travel insurance. Stating that around 14,000 Australians get into some difficulty overseas each year but that the risk could be reduced with travel insurance and registering with SmartTravel. The campaign features Erin Langworthy who fell 110 metres into a river in Zambia after her bungee cord broke. The young Aussies travel insurance saved around $50,000 in medical expenses whilst being treated in a a high quality hospital, reported the Herald Sun.

Travellers heading overseas should do a comparison of travel insurance products and their policies to insure they receive the best coverage for the lowest price and to avoid being left short if they run into an incident on their trip.

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