Stupidity is not covered by travel insurance

After a video of three Australians tasering each other in Bali went viral, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has warned Australians that stupid behaviour can have costly consequences.

A DFAT spokesperson told that Australians should consider the health and other risks of allowing themselves to be exposed to dangerous activities.

"Australians should be aware that standard travel insurance policies generally exclude "dangerous" activities. Hence it is possible that if injuries were cause by engaging in dangerous activities such as deliberate exposure to electric shocks, a travel insurer may refuse to pay any claim."  

DFAT recommends for all Australians to take out travel insurance before heading overseas. On its smarttraveller website DFAT says that daily hospitalisations in Southeast Asia regularly exceed $800 and medical evacuations from places such as Bali can have costs exceeding $60,000.

When shopping around for travel insurance it is important to make sure the policy will cover you for the activities you plan to participate in. Some standard policies exclude surfing, scuba diving and riding motorcycles. Visit the Mozo website to compare travel insurance policies from over 40 travel insurers.