Thailand considering compulsory travel insurance for tourists

Hundreds of thousands of Aussie tourists heading to Thailand each year may soon be forced into acquiring travel insurance under a new proposal being considered by Thai tourism officials.  

The proposal, raised by officials from Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports last week, would make travel insurance compulsory for visitors before they are allowed to enter the country.   

According to Jaturon Phakdeewanit, Director of the Tourism Safety and Security Standards Division, uninsured tourists are costing Thailand around $117 million (AUD) each year in hospital bills which are footed by the state. 

“We need to push this through as soon as possible because the problem is becoming more serious,” said Phakdeewanit in a statement published in Sky News. 

With the Mozo database showing that a 35 year-old holidaying in Thailand for two weeks in July would pay just $39.90 for a travel insurance with unlimited medical care from Fastcover, Aussies are unlikely to be hit too hard by the decision.  

The proposal will allegedly need to be put to the Thai cabinet before it is enacted, with visitors likely to need to show proof of travel insurance to immigration officials upon arrival into the country. 

Thailand took in over 32 million visitors in 2016, including 528,000 from Australia, with tourism one of the largest sectors in the Thai economy accounting for nearly 20% of the country’s GDP. 

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