Travel insurance trap: Are you covered for pre-existing medical conditions?

If you’re jet-setting overseas soon, make sure you let your insurer know of any pre-existing medical conditions before the start date of travel, as eGlobal Travel Media warned just as skydiving isn’t covered as it’s too risky to insure, the same goes for serious illnesses and injury.

eGlobal Travel Media used the example of a traveller who made a claim for a huge medical bill when travelling in the US, but the claim was rejected because of an operation 2 years earlier.

eGlobal Travel Media explained, "time and time again we receive feedback from customers who’ve had rejected claims with something to do with a pre-existing medical condition, and the majority of these rejections were because the insurer was not made aware of the condition before the start date of travel, or because the condition was never covered in the first place.”

However this doesn’t mean that travel insurers won’t cover you, as travel insurance does cover medical conditions but there are restrictions and exclusions set within the policy to keep premium costs lower for the consumer, said eGlobal Travel Media.

"It’s important to remember that each underwriter has a different list of conditions that are covered, so it pays to shop around and compare different policies and insurers."

“Many conditions require a medical assessment before cover can be purchased. And/or you might be able pay a premium to cover your condition to out-way the additional risk.”

eGlobal Travel Media said if the insurer refuses cover for your condition, you will still have all the other benefits of travel insurance and any medical claims that are totally unrelated to your pre-existing medical condition are ok but you will not be covered for any claims arising from your refused pre-existing condition.