Travellers share experiences of being a 'SmartTraveller.'

The 'Travel Tale' winning stories have been announced. A competition which called on entrants to describe an overseas travel tale where they benefitted from registering with the SmartTraveller website and being covered by a comprehensive travel insurance 

The winning entry was awarded to Natalie Hensby for her story of a head on boat collision while on her way to a full moon party in Thailand. The incident left her unconscious in the water and with serious injuries. She was medevaced to Bangkok for surgery and hospitalised for 3 weeks.

Luckily, Natalie and her friends registered with SmartTraveller before heading on their trip. The Department of Foreign Affairs contacted Natalie's family and notified her travel insurance company, who took responsibility for the bill that had risen to over $100,000.

"My travel insurance policy saved my life" according to Natalie.

The runners up include a recount of the Samoan tsunami in 2009, and Schistosomiasis on Lake Victoria in Kenya. Thanks to heeding advice from DFAT and registering with SmartTraveller, both stories had a far better out come.

The three winners were each given $6000 in travel vouchers to put towards their next overseas jaunt.

The 'SmartTraveller Travel Tales Competition' campaign was aimed at assisting Australians to make informed decisions about travelling overseas by encouraging them to register their travel plans with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), to read and subscribe to DFAT's travel advice emails and to take out appropriate travel insurance.

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