US health system no bargain for Aussie travellers.

With so many Australians now flocking to the U.S. thanks to a favourable dollar and low cost flights, the number of Aussies requiring medical assistance once there is also on the rise and many are getting caught out by a complicated and expensive health care system, reports the News Limited Network on the findings of Cover-More travel insurance.

Many Australians travellers will be unaware of the high cost for medical assistance in the U.S. with prices that can have a vast difference even between hospitals in the same city. Bills that charge for every aspect of treatment and allotment of assistance can quickly skyrocket for uninsured travellers.

A trip to the ER to treat a minor cut can easily total up a $7000 bill and two tourists have even found themselves with a $1 million bill for an emergency kidney condition and a bowel obstruction.

"If an Australian traveller finds themselves, uninsured, in a US hospital, it could quickly evolve into a terrifying situation where they see their medical bills quickly start running into the tens of thousands of dollars and their credit card limits and those of their fellow travellers start to be severely tested," according to Cover-More spokesman Zac Brookes.

Although Cover-More paid more than $16 million on claims to the U.S. in 2012, the provider believes that more than 25 percent of Australian travellers still head overseas with no travel insurance.

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