We’ve nailed travel, now Aussies are getting better at travel insurance

In a slice of good news, Aussie travellers are really picking up their game when it comes to making sure they’ve got a travel insurance policy before jetting off, with research from SureSave showing that 73% of Aussies “wouldn’t leave the country without it.”

The 2018 SureSave Travel Insurance Index, an annual, independently commissioned survey of 1,000 Aussies, showed that the number of Australians who view travel insurance as essential has grown by 10% over the past six years.

There was also a dramatic improvement among those travellers less likely to take out an insurance policy before heading overseas. This year, 8.5% of Aussie globetrotters say they purchase travel insurance ‘sometimes, when I visit destinations that might be risky’ down from 15% in 2012.

When it comes to those still jetting off without a policy at all, 1 in 20 own up to the fact that they ‘rarely or never bother with travel insurance’ in 2018, down from 1 in 5 in 2012.

“Although it’s very clear that significant progress has been made over the past seven years in regards to successfully explaining the importance of travel insurance, it is apparent that there are still Australians who don’t have adequate travel insurance cover when they travel,” Matt Endycott, Head of Agency Sales at SureSave said.

How technology is making us more travel insurance savvy

Not only are more Aussies taking out travel insurance policies before they depart, but a growing number are also carrying an electronic copy of their PDS - an essential document that outlines inclusions, exclusions and what you need to do if you’re making a claim.

While 27% of travellers carry an electronic copy of their PDS with them - up 15% since 2015 - they’re not doing quite as well when it comes to actually knowing what’s in it. 7% admit to not knowing exactly what they’re covered for, while the majority (51%) have a general idea after skim reading the document and 37% say they know exactly what they’re covered for.

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Digital technology can also help Aussies to match their holiday to a policy that suits them - whether it’s for a week cruising the South Pacific or a six month backpacking tour of Europe.

“Finding a travel insurance policy that fits your trip and your budget is easier than ever in today’s digital world,” Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont said.

“Mozo’s online travel insurance search tool compares policies from heaps of travel insurers, to cut down majorly on the legwork you have to do. It’s easy, quick, and makes travelling with the safety of a top notch travel insurance policy behind you a breeze.”

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