Young travellers caught in motorcycle accidents abroad may not be covered

Travelling to Southeast Asia is becoming a rite of passage for many young Aussies, however according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Tourism 400,000 people under 25 die on world’s roads each year - in locations like Bali, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam - most of which are deaths occurring among motorcyclists.

DFAT has predicted that the number of Australians involved in overseas traffic accidents will increase as more Australians travel overseas.

1Cover managing director Eddie Feltham said the majority of motorcyclist accidents occur in countries where the roads are heavily congested and highly hazardous. Feltham suggested travellers need to be educated about the risks associated with riding a motorcycle unlicensed while on holidays.

“Motorcycle or two-wheeler accidents in countries such as Bali can cost in excess of $15,000. These accidents can not only be financial devastating but can leave travellers with injuries that will dramatically change their lives,” said Feltham.

Even if you take out travel insurance before you jet-set you can may not be covered. For example 1Cover Travel Insurance has a general exclusion that denies travellers coverage if they don’t have an appropriate Australian licence to operate a motorcycle, moped or scooter.

“Don’t risk ruining your holiday by taking risks, following basic road safety precautions and trust your instincts,” said Feltham.

Here are some travel insurance tips from DFAT:

1. Shop around. A wide range of travel insurance policies are available so shop around in order to find the policy that best suits your circumstances and travel plans.

2. Read the fine print. Always read the product disclosure statement and ensure that you understand exactly what your policy covers.

3. Check your medical cover. Ensure that medical cover offered under the insurance policy is appropriate for your personal circumstances and will cover the possible medical expenses likely to be incurred in the country you are going to visit.

4. Check if motorcycle riding is covered. If you intend to hire cars, motorcycles, jet skis or any other motorised vehicle, talk to your travel insurer to check if it is covered by your insurance policy and seek advice on any restrictions that may apply, such as riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

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