The best $20 I've ever spent in...

The best $20 I've ever spent in... London

  • London is a city that cleverly fuses the past with the present. Walking along the Thames you’ll be captivated by the paradox of modern architecture sitting side by side with iconic heritage buildings and bridges. And after pounding London’s pavements and tourist hot spots like the West End, Docklands, Covent Garden and Waterloo, pop into one of the city’s 7000 traditional English pubs for a refreshing pint. Whether you’re heading to London for a culture buzz, the latest Brit fashions or a royalty fix, Mozo’s money savvy travellers will show you the best London has to offer. As for some more travel tips, read this guide to the travel insurance must-knows for travelling to the UK.

  • Shaftsbury Avenue

    "No freaks at this circus... just fun!"

    No trip to London is complete without a night out on Piccadilly Circus. The place basically acts as a road junction that links 5 busy streets which gives you easy access to the theatres on Shaftesbury Avenue, Chinatown and Soho. The exquisite winged Eros statue makes a great photo opportunity, and all the neon signs that blast at night transform the place into a giant lightshow are really hypnotic. The place is littered with hundreds of overpriced souvenir shops and attractions but there’s a buzz here that makes you want to keep exploring. Just a quick note, the area is a well known pick-pocketing hotspot so keep your eyes on your belongings!
    Author: Pete Thompson

  • Globe Theatre

    "Best seats in the house!"

    If Shakespeare is on your list of things to see while in London then I fully recommend groundling tickets at the Globe Theatre. It’s the ultimate theatre experience. For only £5 you get to stand in the mosh pit at the front of the stage. You have to be prepared to stand for the whole performance, and well Shakespeare isn’t known for his short plays, so it can be a bit hard on your feet but you’re right among the atmosphere so it’s heaps of fun.
    Author: Harry Carson

  • Buckingham Palace

    "Tranquility in the heart of London"

    If the hustle and bustle of London city gives you a headache, follow what I did and spend an afternoon at St James Park. The park is located in the heart of London, just off The Mall Boulevard which leads directly to Buckingham Palace. There’s always something happening here, from the daily Pelican feedings, guided tours, to the free weekend concerts during summer. But equally enjoying is the people watching!
    Author: Pauline Grange

  • Kingston Arms Hotel

    "Kingston Arms Hotel, warm and welcoming"

    The Kingston Arms Hotel in Cambridge is the perfect end to a long hard (holi)day. The hotel dishes up a great menu at reasonable prices and there is a decent range of draft cask beers, ciders and wine. The decor is a bit outdated but the atmosphere is great. Definitely worth spending $20 here.
    Author: Kevin Scott

  • Neals Yard Dairy

    "It's a good way!"

    If you love cheese, you MUST go to the Neals Yard Dairy at Covent Garden. I was simply amazed at the range of handcrafted cheeses available, which included everything from cloth-bound cheddars to blue cheeses, all from the British Isles. I felt like a kid in a candy store. The benches are piled high with cheese and the aromas are, well, cheesy and stay with you long after you’ve left the shop. Most of the cheeses here are either matured on the farm or in Neal Yard Dairy’s own maturing rooms located in other parts of London. The cheesemongers are really knowledgeable and don’t mind you tasting before you buy, so drop your diets at the front door because I guarantee you won’t be able to resist Neals Yard’s cheesy temptations.
    Author: Erin Campbell

  • Intrepid Fox

    "Grab a pint and some kickass action"

    You want a pint with some action’ Head to the Intrepid Fox at the Westend and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Walking in, the first thing that hits you is the noise! The place is built for proper rock, goth and metal heads, and is definitely not for poseurs. The prices aren’t dirt cheap but there’s a pretty good selection of beers, ales and ciders. You have been warned though, it’s not for the faint hearted.
    Author: James Kleeman

  • Tate Modern

    "Tate Modern... nothing like you've experienced"

    You won’t have to pay a cent to go to the Tate Modern. The sheer size of this art gallery is breathtaking. Even the entranceway is like nothing you’ve experienced; its scale is uplifting (like a cathedral) yet humbling (like a, erm, cathedral) at the same time. I stood there for ages trying to capture it on film (well, on an SD card anyway). The same sense of scale is carried through to the galleries where vast rooms have maybe one thing in them. Afterwards you can cross the Millennium Bridge to St Paul's. Just don’t think of Deatheaters while doing so.
    Author: Chris Stephens

  • Diwana Bhel Poori House

    "Delicious and cheap Indian food"

    If you like Indian food then you HAVE to go to the restaurants in Drummond Street between Euston and Hampstead Road, London. My favourite is Diwana Bhel Poori House: get the special (whatever it is on the day) and you’ll get something visually spectacular (like elaborate puffed pooris) as well as delicious. And cheap. If you want beer, though, you’ll have to get it from the Indian grocer next door.
    Author: Chris Stephens

  • Portobello Road Market

    “London’s iconic tourist track”

    A London shopping trip without the price tag, Portobello Road, is one of London’s iconic tourist tracks. It’s a labyrinth of antiques, fashion, bric-a-brac, cosmetics and collectibles. With street musicians and food vendors galore, it’s worth the trip for the atmosphere, even if you’re not looking to buy. If you do have the time and patience to trawl through the stalls, you’re sure to find a unique souvenir at a steal. Just be careful that the vintage clothing or one-of-a-kind antique you’re buying is not a cheap knock off!
    Author: Kelly Emmerton