It's a case of when not if interest rates rise, experts say

Interest rates are almost certain to be increased over the coming months and the only question to ask is when this will happen.

That is the conclusion of a new feature by the Herald Sun, which questioned financial experts on when interest rate hikes will occur in 2011.

According to the news provider, Stephen Walters, chief economist at JP Morgan, feels the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will increase interest rates by 25 basis-points at its February board meeting.

"By this time, he expects there will be enough stimulus in the economy because of mining investment and booming trade levels boosting national income that the RBA will have to raise rates 'or else we're going to have a pretty significant inflation problem'," the article states.

The comments could lead a number of Aussies to conduct online research to see how their term deposits, savings accounts and other financial products will be affected by the rise.

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