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Hello, we're Mozo!
Australia's Money Saving Zone
  • Australians use our comparison tools each month to cut through the marketing noise and save themselves both time and money.

    Our award-winning website exists to help Australians easily compare banking and insurance products to find the best deals for their needs.

  • Get inspired with regular money updates from the Mozo editorial team

  • Compare over 1800 financial products from 180+ providers

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Behind the Screens...

...at Mozo we have an amazing and dedicated team of developers, rate chasers and money experts whose top priority is to help you save money and navigate the money maze.

Live data updates brings you accurate, market-wide comparisons while our experts and developers work hard to bring you award-winning tools and content to help keep you in the know about money and make tricky money decisions like choosing a home loan or picking the best savings account, credit card or rewards card, as easy as they can be.

Our partners and the media rely on us to keep tabs on what financial providers are doing and disrupt the big budget marketing hype so that Australians can easily find themselves a better deal.

We keep the lights on by...

...offering providers the opportunity to show Australia what they've got and how they compare side by side with other deals in the market.

When you choose a product and click a 'go to site' button or fill in your details to be referred to a provider, Mozo may earn a fee for that referral. However it's the providers competing for your business that pay, not you - so the service is totally free to use and what you see is what you get.

We also make money through display advertising which you'll see around the site, when we licence our content and nifty tools to other businesses and for market research projects. So, now you know how we roll, why not join the rest of Australia and save yourself some money?