30 Super Duper Savings Tips

The costs of living are on the rise, the new carbon tax will sting and the world economy is gloomy gloomy gloomy… Forget all that! Stay ahead of the game, and on your way to savings fame with Mozo’s top 30 savings tips.

1. Set a savings goal – saving for something awesome will keep you motivated

2. Make a shopping list– and never shop when you're hungry

3. Sell your clutter online – try eBay or Gumtree to turn that junk to gold

4. Dry July – the month may be half over, so look at it as a trial run for next year :)

5. Try the local library – a place where everything is FREE? Yes, that place exists.

6. Lotto – save up, buy heaps of tickets! Wait, no, don't do that.

7. $100 for nothing – open a and you can grab a $100 bonus. Easy.

8. Avoid extended warranties – watch out for those crafty salesmen

9. Set up direct debits for bills – don't get slogged with late fees if you can avoid them

10. Shop online to get the best price – and make use of awesome exchange rates

11. Budget time – find out where the money is going. Try our budget calculator

12. Unplug your electronics – phone + laptop chargers use up power ALL the time

13. Health Check your home loan – you could save over $50,000

14. Do your own tax return – we all hate it, but suck it up and save yourself some dough

15. Pick a coin – 50c, $1 or $2 and put them aside whenever you get one

16. Bundle it – shop around for a new phone and internet provider to get a cheaper bundled package

17. Bills bills bills – find the bill causing you the most headaches and find a way to reduce it

18. Buy in season – fresh in season fruits and veggies cost less and taste great. If it's not in season, buy frozen

19. Regulate your heating – keep your thermostat at 21 degrees to reduce energy costs, and wear a cosy jumper

20. Go home brand – don't buy into the big brand advertising, buy cheap, save big

21. Avoid peak energy costs – run clothes dryers and dishwashers at night

22. Group buying sites – these can be an awesome way to stretch your cash. Read more here

23. Ditch the debt – look for a balance transfer credit card to minimise interest

24. Set a ‘fun’ budget – set aside money each month for the fun stuff

25. Cancel your unused gym membership – guilt is a powerful thing, don't let it blow your budget

26. Avoid bank fees – if you're still paying for your everyday banking, you're… silly. Compare bank accounts now

27. Save on meal costs – use a pressure cooker to turn inexpensive meat and veg into warming winter meals

28. Wait before buying – rather than give in to impulse spending, wait 48 hours to decide if you really need it

29. Automatic savings – set up a savings plan with and lock that cash away at 6.51%

30. Complain – if you've been charged an unfair fee or purchased a dud product, stand up for your rights!


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