5 Simple steps to getting your finance into shape

For most of us, the new year brings new resolutions: get fit, eat healthy, quit something, take up something else. So while you’re getting the bod back, why not make 2011 the year to shape up your finances with these 5 simple steps…

Pay off your debt

The new year has brought some great balance transfer offers on a range of credit cards. So if you’ve racked up a big Christmas debt, be sure to read our article on picking a balance transfer card that is right for you and how it could save you over $1,000 and nail that debt in no time!

Health Check your home loan

You regularly check up on your own health, so why not check that your mortgage is still healthy? Our award-winning health check could help you save big bucks on your mortgage repayments – all it takes is a click and a switch. Health check now.

Create a Budget

Create a budget to see what’s coming in and where it’s going out. You’ll be able to unearth those areas which are secretly churning through your pay packet – offenders like bank and ATM fees can certainly be avoided. For help, try our budget calculator.

Set savings goals

Once you know how much money you have in your budget, plan out a way to spend it. Savings accounts like the 6.51% <#UBank USaver#SavingsAccount#127#> have built in savings goal calculators and the ability to schedule automatic monthly payments. A big help in the battle for a new TV!

Shop online

And we’re not just talking about bank products. If you haven’t joined the modern age and started buying online, then hurry up and do it (before your friends find out). The very strong Aussie dollar means anything bought from a US website will be an absolute bargain – just watch those currency conversion fees on your credit card.

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