60,000 Bonus Rewards Points - deal or no deal?

By Mozo ·

“Get thousands of bonus rewards points with our great new credit card” – does this sound familiar? The banks have been using the old bonus points trick to hawk credit cards for years. It’s an enticing offer, but is it a valuable offer?

We’ve put the bonus points into the famous Mozo Rewards Revealer and put an end to the speculation, once and for all.

The table below looks at the true value of bonus points (from a range of cards on the market. Most of the freebies won’t get you to your destination, but if you need to get to Yackandada and own a parachute, you’re in luck!

Of course, if you use the card you will earn more points on top of these, but hopefully the stats below will put these marketing devices into perspective:

Card Bonus Points How far would you get?
How far would you get?
Citibank Platinum (Qantas rewards) 60,000 5.45 one-way trips Melbourne 47% of the way Thailand
Citibank Platinum 60,000 4 one-way trips Melbourne 31% of the way Indonesia
Westpac Altitude Platinum 15,000 77% of the way Benalla 6% of the way Queensland
Westpac Singapore Airlines Platinum 10,000 80% of the way Sheparton 5% of the way Northern Territory
American Express Qantas Discovery 7,500 68% of the way Yackandanda 6% of the way Queensland

With this in mind, the best thing you can do now is head over to our Rewards Revealer, input your personal spending details and find the card that’s going to score you the most freebies.