All I want for Christmas is a cheap credit card

Every year, a few months from Christmas, when people are starting to worry about all those big costs on the horizon, the banks always bring out new credit card offers offering very low (sometimes 0%) introductory purchase rates on credit cards.
It's hard not to be tempted by these offers: buy all your presents, Christmas food (and drink) – maybe even a holiday – on your new credit card and not pay a cent for 6 months. Even better, some of these cards offer some pretty tasty bonuses like free flights and cashback.
What you're expecting next is for us to say these offers are too good to be true: Well, not if you're smart. Using the intro period to spread out the cost of Chrissie over 6-12 months is a great approach, just don't get carried away and over-spend - you'll pay for it later!
Below is a look at our top pick Christmas credit cards.

Virgin Flyer

0% purchase rate for 6 months

For $99 a year you get an awful lot with the Virgin Flyer: 0% purchase rate for 6 months, strong reward point earnings and the kicker, up to 4 free flights every year.
- Up to 4 free Virgin domestic flights each year
- Earn 1 Velocity for every $1 spent
- Annual fee of $99

NAB Low Rate

2.99% purchase rate for 12 months

A great all round low rate, low fee card. The extra long intro period could be great for the well-disciplined, just don't get carried away!
- Low standard purchase rate of 13.49%
- Up to 55 days interest-free days on purchases
- Annual fee of $59

Amex Platinum Edge

0% purchase rate for 6 months

A nice package for the prestige-seekers. Pay nothing for 6 months, score a bunch of bonus points and a very welcome free return domestic flight each year.
- 25,000 bonus points
- Free return domestic flight every year
- Annual fee of $149

Bankwest Breeze

10% cashback for 3 months

Though it doesn't have an intro rate offer, the Breeze gives you 10% cashback on your 'festive spend' at department and grocery stores, as well as when dining out for 3 months.
- Awesome standard purchase rate of 10.99%
- Up to 12 months extended warranty on purchases
- Annual fee of $69

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