Ditch the fees! Travel and shop 'til you drop

With the Australian dollar cracking new highs every 5 seconds, now is the time for huge overseas spending sprees. Go on a holiday, or buy a bunch of cool junk online – don't think, don't wait, just do.

Indeed it is a rare day that Mozo will tell you to go out and spend, spend, spend, but we know money bargains when we see them, and by gosh we can barely believe our eyes.

So if you want to spend, you need a way to do it without adding to the already bulging bank coffers. Here are Mozo's top picks for international spending sprees:

28 Degrees Mastercard (Credit Card)

For a card with no annual fee, the 28 Degrees Mastercard is packed with features for the international shopper.

First of all there are no fees for international transactions (that is, buying stuff in foreign currencies). That means if you shop online you can score big exchange-rate-aided bargains without the usual bank fees which can put a big downer on any shopper's day out.

For the traveller, there are no fees on cash withdrawals. Just chuck your card into credit before you jetset, go to any ATM overseas, and you can withdraw your money fee free (unless the ATM itself has a crummy fee). Add to that an extremely generous exchange rate and it's a real winner.

Fees: None

NAB Gold Visa Debit Card

If a credit card isn't for you, consider the NAB Gold Banking account with its Visa debit card. Like all debit cards, they work for online purchases much like a credit card, but instead use your own cash. A real winner for those who lack the self-control that can make credit so dangerous.

For the monthly fee you'll get, zero foreign currency fees, and no overseas ATM fees (apart from the fees charged by the ATM itself). As a gold card, you can also score free travel insurance and extended warranties.

Fees: $10 a month (free if you deposit $5k each month) – plus you can downgrade to the fee free NAB Everyday account if you don't need the international stuff.

If a gold credit card is more up your alley, check out Mozo's top pick gold cards.