Get ready for property season

Spring is a time of change – flowers in bloom, sunny skies, and the property market buzzing.

So whether you're looking to sell, or just want to feel the warm fuzzy feeling that only home improvement can bring, here are some sure fire tips to keep you busy (and get you fit!) before beach-season hits.

A coat of paint
Not only will painting your house add thousands of dollars in value, it can also be done on the cheap if you are happy to get your coveralls dirty – or even better, if you get your kids to do it! They're cheap to employ (we won't tell anyone about their slave-wages!) plus it can keep them busy in the school holidays.

Don't skimp on brushes and paint, quality materials will always repay you in the long run and keep colours neutral. No one wants to re-live the 80s.

Increase curb appeal
Make sure your baby looks pretty from the street. Basic landscaping can be knocked over in a weekend – mow the grass, dig in garden beds and plant some hearty Australian flora. And don't forget your letterbox! You may be used to the bird feeder that collects your mail, but first impressions are all important.

Flower power, man.
People love the environment. Or at least that's what they tell their friends. Really, they love small utility bills. Rainwater tanks, water-saving shower heads and solar panels can help save you big money, but will also help you win over even the most scrupulous prospective buyer.

Be sure to check with the council before you nail-gun anything to your house + check for government rebates to help you go green.

Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. The problem of course is that these are by far the hardest and most costly rooms to renovate in any house. Or maybe not…

Start small and you'll be amazed how much you can achieve. Paint cupboards, walls and the roof. Replace door handles. Buy new towels or oven mitts. Clean tile grout. There is plenty you can do without the need for a sledgehammer.

You didn't think we'd write this article without mentioning your home loan, did you?

Whether you're moving to a 12 bedroom mansion, sitting pretty in your classic Aussie fibro, or just want to use up some of that equity for a reno, now is a GREAT time to refinance with both fixed and variable rates looking great.

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Got a burning question?

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