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Welcome to Answers, Mozo’s super new money Q+A forum. If there’s something on your financial mind, here’s your chance to test our resident money gurus and the clever people in the Mozo community!

Wondering about the best option for investing a little extra cash? Ask away. Want some recommendations for a mortgage broker in your city? Just ask.

Or if you’re a money maven yourself, why not share your wisdom by answering some questions?

If you’re a Mozo member all you’ll need to do to get started is choose a username. If you’re feeling spritely, add an image and fill out your profile – we promise to make you slightly famous in return.


A: YES! We’re offering a $200 Coles Myer voucher to the best post on Mozo Answers TODAY. So if you have a great question that needs asking, or can provide a spot-on answer, let’s have it…

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