Introducing Mozo’s New Top Guru

Congratulations to Katie for reaching Guru status on Mozo Answers!

Since Answers launched, Katie has put in a mammoth effort to scale the All-Stars rankings, which she now tops with a mind-boggling 11,230 Answers points. To get there, Katie answered 174 questions, asked 6 of her own and wrote 4 product reviews. An AMAZING effort!

Even better, she was kind enough to answer even more questions, this time about herself. Read on to find out what motivates Mozo's top Guru…

My top money tip is:

To get into the property market as soon as you can – the earlier the better. Work hard to pay off your mortgage as fast as you can. Once you own your first apartment or home, you can use it as collateral for other investments.

If I were a bank CEO for a day:

I would eliminate excessive bank fees and create REAL incentives for savings and investments, especially for young people. I would REALLY listen to what ordinary investors want and need from a bank and foster a family-friendly banking climate. I would learn that sometimes it really is NOT good business to put greed and profit ahead of everything.

My guilty money confession is…

I made the silly mistake of going into panic mode when my superannuation hit a low patch by switching to a cash based option. In doing this, I lost a lot of money by compounding my losses and have learnt (the hard way) that superannuation (and the share market) rises and falls over time and to NEVER panic when it dips. Hang on for the long term.

About me:

I have worked in many fields, eg School Administrative Manager, TAFE teacher, staff employment officer, accounts manager and personal assistant. My husband and I are now really enjoying an early retirement and spend much of our time travelling extensively throughout Australia and the world.

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