iPad winner revealed

In the last newsletter we revealed the winners in the very first Mozo People’s Choice Awards. These were the banks, credit unions and building societies that Australia rated to be the best of the best.

Today we reveal another award… the iPad award for best review writing skills. A huge thanks to everyone who took the time to rate their bank. The People’s Choice Awards wouldn’t be possible without your help!

And the winner is…

Teresa from Victoria, who reviewed an <#ING Direct Orange Everyday#BankAccount#90#> account! Here’s what she had to say:

Opened up an everyday account with ING after using their Savings Maximiser for years. Transfers between the two are fast (no waiting). I do a lot of my banking online so I don’t really need to go to a bank. Paying bills are the same as any other bank. When withdrawing you have to remember to take out $200 or more or else you’re going to be charged… And when you do take out $200 you get 50c credited which is a nice little thought from them… If you happen to overdraw, which I did once they notify you via email and give you a couple of days to pay it back before they start charging you.. It’s also nice to have the Visa debit (no additional fees) facility so I also shop online with it. I fully recommend this bank!

A great review for Australia’s Best Bank!

For everyone else, don’t give up. We’ve just started a new comp, so if you’ve got a credit card, bank account, home loan – anything – that you haven’t yet rated then the time is now! Did we mention the prize is an iPad Air 2? Enter now.