iPhone 4 Winner Announced

It’s been another huge effort by all the Mozonians out there! Reviews have been flooding in, and it seems the Big Banks are starting to take notice.

Whether you realise it or not, each review that goes up on our site is adding fuel to the fire of banking revolution – government reforms are in the works, fees are being scrapped and NAB has officially called it quits with rest of the Big 4.

We thank you for the words, and hope you’ll keep stoking the flames with each chance you get.

But enough! Let’s get down to business. The winner of the iPhone 4 is…

SOMEONE, who reviewed a BankSA Personal Loan! Here’s a snippet from her detailed review:

My husband and I have found the greatest feature about this product is the ability to ‘split’ the Line of Credit (LOC) into different amounts. For example, it can be for personal spending, expenses associated with investments, education expenses etc. This is exactly what my husband and I have done which makes preparation of our tax returns each year so much easier. And, because we have all of our loans packaged, there are no additional fees! Although we have opted not to fix the interest rate any portion of our LOC, this is also an option that may suit many users of this product. Finally, the interest rate on a LOC is far more competitive than a personal loan. I recommended this product to a friend who had a personal loan for the purchase of a vehicle. She saved 4% on her interest rate simply by switching to a LOC with BankSA. One more thing! As you pay this off (and the interest rate is less than half of that for a credit card!) the funds continue to be available. I highly recommend this product as it can suit a variety of personal situations.

We hope this, and many other great reviews like it can help make your banking decisions a whole lot easier. Great work NAME.

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